GTSP Global is a valuable partner to our Silicon, Photovoltaic and Semiconductor customers. We embody commitment and innovation which allow our partners to yield Next Generation Solutions, Today. We deliver unparalleled staffing, engineering, development and manufacturing solutions to poly plant, semiconductor and photovoltaic OEMs and Manufacturers worldwide.

GTSP Global's Parts Division provides specialized parts and technical services to manufacturers of silicon, photovoltaic cells and semiconductor components. We manufacture consumable parts, such as quartz, ceramic, PTFE and high purity metal parts, as well as specialized electroplating for both OEMs and end users. GTSP Global's in-house engineering capability allows us to design and improve parts for lower manufacturing cost and longer lifetimes, thereby reducing our customers overall cost of operation.

We have a diverse product portfolio specializing in the design of innovative parts for complex problem resolution. Some of our manufacturing products include; opaque quartz consumable parts, ceramic insulators, high purity copper electrodes, power transfer components, and high purity PTFE. Our extensive electroplating capabilities further enable our customers to get a one-stop solution when requiring integrated electroplating in conjunction with machined parts. To empower our customers and provide them piece-of-mind solutions we also provide engineering services and staffing to install our components which ensures optimum out-of-the-box performance. In addition, we offer maintenance and manufacturing labor outsourcing services and semiconductor process engineering services.

GTSP Global takes great pride in the diversity of capabilities we offer our partners. In the fast changing high technology marketplace, our partners expect delivery of an innovative solution today, with technology that will carry them through future generations. Our commitment is to deliver on that expectation.

GTSP Global is shaping the future of technology, today.

ISO9000 Certification

GTSP Global Asia, LTD has completed certification requirements for ISO9001:2008. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to quality within our organization, our products and our culture. View our certifications